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Why Watchman™?

Keep your home, family and shop safe and secured with Watchman™.

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Family Security

Are you worried about the security of your family while you are away from home?

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Enjoy Vacations

Does the concern for security of your home not let you enjoy the family vacation? .

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Home Security

Do you want to be alarmed when someone is loitering around your home, anytime of the day?

shop security
Shop Security

Is your shop really secured at night?


Simple and easy pricing. No long term commitments. Pay month to month. Cancel anytime.

Camera Bundle

For customers who don't have a camera

₹4,999 one time

  • FullHD IP camera
  • Cables
  • Power adapter
  • Installation and configuration
  • Service onboarding
  • 1 month FREE trial of Night Watchman™ service
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Night Watchman™

Monthly subscription

₹1,499 / mo

  • 8pm to 8 am intruder alerts
  • Email & phone support
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24x7 Watchman™

Monthly subscription

₹1,999 / mo

  • 24x7 intruder alerts
  • Email & phone support
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